How many times have you spent hours washing and waxing your ride in preparation for a show or cruise-in and when you show up, you and five other interweb surfers, find out you’ve been had by outdated event information? That’s right, the parking lot that once hosted ‘the big monthly show’ that you’ve been eagerly waiting to participate in during your three year build is now a construction site, nice… So you, and the guy driving a sweet ’69 Camaro, share your frustrations and drive off wondering just how many smiles and thumbs-up you could have received today if you actually knew where the damn show was! If this has never happened to you, welcome to the hot rod community, we’re excited to have you join our lifestyle and hope this site helps you avoid the previously outlined story.

Fact is, that’s a real story, we’re real dudes and this is a real website. Cruiseincalendar.com was created with one purpose, give every car enthusiast an easy-to-use tool that gives them up to date information on local car shows and cruise-in events around the Carolina’s.

So sign up for our RSS feed and get real time show updates or save www.cruiseincalendar.com to your computer, phone, ipad or jitterbug and we’ll see ya at the right place at the right time on show day!

Putting together a car show or cruise-in of your own?

Well don’t just sit there, send us your information and we’ll get the word out! Be sure to include all of the basic show information such as event date, location, time and any associated fees. After all, knowledge is power!