Mike Sweet’s King of the Sea 1966 Chevrolet C10; Poseidon

If any of you reading this post know me, you’re well aware of my serious love affair with trucks. I purchased my first 1964-1966 Chevrolet C10 at the age of 14. I saved money from my jobs of throwing hay bails, picking potatoes and working construction with my father. Living in the country and working […]

Kevin O’Connor’s Smooth 1962 Buick Special

When my eye catches a cool car cruising down the open road, feelings of excitement and wonder fall over me. I’ll increase my speed to well over 100mph, or come to a complete stop, whatever it takes, but you can bet I’m getting a closer look at that classic. I’m not sure what internal forces […]

Streetside Classics in Charlotte, NC is Hiring!

Showroom Attendant/ Light-Duty Mechanic position $13 / hour Full-time About the Job: Specializing in the consignment and sales of collector vehicles, Streetside Classics is the largest and fastest growing classic car dealership in the nation. Currently, we have showrooms in Concord, NC (our Charlotte, NC market), Atlanta, GA, Fort Worth, TX, Tampa, FL, and Nashville, […]

General Motors Decorates Detroit With Epic Billboards

GM releases a slew of billboards around the Motor City that pays homage to the iconic designs of their past, and they are amazing! Now, I could be bias due to my frantic obsession with classics rides, but I think most of you will agree on how awesome these advertisements truly are. I say it […]

Scott Peterson and Roush Performance: Fighting Cancer in the Fast Lane

Scott’s Story: In 2007, at the age of 26, Scott was diagnosed with Stage 3 diffuse large B-cell Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and given a 50% chance to live past the next 5 years. On top of this, he and his wife were informed that as a result, they had a very slim chance of having children.  […]

One Wild Weekend! Goodguys 23rd Pennzoil Southeastern Nationals

DISCLAIMER: Before we get too deep in our endless rant of how badass this last weekend was, let’s throw out a quick disclaimer. This article is for the car guys and girls, if you’re not one of these people, congrats, you probably have money in your savings account and you’ll likely find 90% of this […]

Good fathers raise good sons and car fathers raise car sons.

The story you’re about to read is a fine example of the special bond shared between a father, his son and the love affair for cool ass cars! Perhaps I have a soft spot for the story line as my father owned a rather cool vintage 302 mustang, ’72 vette and a slew of ‘go-fast’ […]

Streetside Evening Post: A Company On The Move

You know the company, but do you know their new location? That’s right, in September the Charlotte, NC branch of Streetside Classics uprooted it’s entire 200+ inventory from the WT Harris Blvd location that it had occupied for the better part of a decade. Their brand new showroom is located at 800 Derita Rd, Concord, NC […]

Steele Rubber Products 9th Annual Open House

It was a full house for Steel Rubber Products 9th Annual Open House Car Show. We’re not sure just how many turned out, but they had vehicles parked in just about every opening on the property! It wasn’t something you could miss if you were traveling highway 16 on Saturday morning. Our previous attendance at […]

The Art of Perfection: Kasey Harris’s, ’66 c10 – “Buttercup”

It’s no secret that most gear heads, or ‘Motorsport enthusiasts’ for you ‘PC’ types, will know a vehicle inside and out, yet most of the time, we have no clue about the owner or their connection to the vehicle. Well, today my friends, we cross this chasm! For far too long, we’ve appreciated a nice […]