The Cars We Drive Say A Lot About Us – Kannapolis Cruise-In

If the title of this article has any validity, one could safely conclude that the patrons of the Kannapolis Cruise-in are hands down the coolest of the cool. In fact, we’re about 93.6% sure that Dwight D. Eisenhower built the interstate highway system just so this group of kick-ass people could attend car shows and cruise-ins like […]

Brian Fluharty and his 1977 c10; Squarebody Madness

You know the old saying that nice guys never win, right? Well, I lived most of my life as an adopter of such rhetoric, but then, as the Craigslist gods would have it, I met Brian Fluharty. Now, I’m willing to bet that if you’re reading this you’re either my mother, or a car nut […]

Marrying A Car Guy

The Union and Rise of Gladys My darlin’ future wife and I recently received the images back from our engagement photo shoot, and yes, such a thing exists. Now, being that this site is a place for vehicle enthusiasts to come for updated information on car shows and cruise-ins in the Carolinas, I won’t be […]

Mike Fadel and His 1967 Camaro; Bona Fide American

I’ve said it a few hundred times, and I’ll say it again, history is the future. That being said, as long as we have people like Mike Fadel who have a long history of collecting, restoring and selling classics, the future of the nostalgic automobile is safe and sound. Mike is one of those guys […]

GoPro Motorplex Turns Up The Heat! Mooresville, NC

As the title suggests, it was hot! I was worried about the temp in my ’64 as we sat on 77N trying to make the event, but the big 4 core aluminum radiator from Champion matched with the Spal electric fan  kept us as cool as can be expected on a 97 degree day. We arrived […]


How many times have you spent hours washing and waxing your ride in preparation for a show or cruise-in and when you show up, you and five other interweb surfers, find out you’ve been had by outdated event information? That’s right, the parking lot that once hosted ‘the big monthly show’ that you’ve been eagerly […]