One Wild Weekend! Goodguys 23rd Pennzoil Southeastern Nationals


Before we get too deep in our endless rant of how badass this last weekend was, let’s throw out a quick disclaimer. This article is for the car guys and girls, if you’re not one of these people, congrats, you probably have money in your savings account and you’ll likely find 90% of this article confusing and full of irresponsible behavior. If you’re a hot rodder, you’ll enthusiastically read skim this post thinking Hell Yeah!’ and immediately open a new browser window to order hundreds of dollars in parts from Summit Racing for your work in progress. Yeah, this article is going to outline a whole lot of poor decision-making, unhealthy eating, sleeping, drinking habits, and, if we do our job, be the very reason you attend next year! So, sit back, buckle up and hold on as we run through the best four days of hot roddin’ in the Queen City we’ve seen in 2016.

Thursday – Rod/Poker Run

I couldn’t sleep Wednesday night out of sheer excitement that I didn’t have to work for the next 4 days and for what fun lay ahead during the Rod Run – Poker Run. As car guys do, I was up at 5:00am to check the vials on my ’64 before heading out to meet a few buddies for breakfast. Out of the crew I was running with, I was the only person that didn’t design, build or set up cars for a race team/shop. Much to my surprise, they were all excited to have a few days away from the grind as well. I guess they really are human after all…

I’d never been to the poker run, but when our crew pulled in the Charlotte Motor Speedway, I knew in that moment I’d found another yearly PTO day. It was killer! I don’t know the exact numbers, but I’d guess about 200-400 pre ’72 rides were gassed up and ready to roll out. The Goodguys registration staff was fast and polite, perfect. All registered, we grabbed the boys and headed out amidst a few hundred badass builds.

It’s a really cool, rewarding feeling to be bouncing between local hot rod shops and tearing up the streets on an unassuming Thursday. It didn’t matter if you were coming or going, you were sure to pass other classics and wide smiles on the open road!


Check out more pics from the poker run

Images by the talented, Wayne Hewitt

Friday – Day 1

Same morning routine, up at 5:00am, check vitals on Gladys, loud ass exhaust rolling through the neighborhood making friends, breakfast with the fellas, normal happenings.



Traditionally, a Friday at this of type of event sees lower numbers as most of us are pounding away at our 9-5’s, but not today. The place was packed! I was lucky enough to be in good company and parked with the locally famous Road Pilots Car Club. The Road Pilots CC is an eclectic mixture of rockabilly, old school horsepower and vintage style. Each member possess a vast amount of knowledge on a wide variety of vintage autos and hot roddin’ culture. It was a pleasure to kick it with the gang and swap build stories with some of the guys. Their cars are always crowd favorites and have a knack at drawing in droves of admirers!

Check out the Road Pilots Facebook page for some eye candy!

Road Pilots Car Club


Saturday – Day 2

This is ‘the big day’ at the Goodguys show. If you want prime parking, you best be up and at em’. We entered the tunnel at the Charlotte Motor Speedway around 7:20am and snagged a sweet spot right on the pavement behind the pit garages. One of our good friends, and original badass, Derek Brown, was running his 1967 Ford F100 at the Goodguys Autocross event. On Friday I went on a ride along with Derek when he posted a 33.388 lap. I now understand this addiction… Autocross is the most fun you’ll have with your pants on. I’m sure you could make a hot lap without pants, luckily I didn’t have too many beers or I may have tried.

Chuck Mallett from Mallett Cars spent two days setting up the F100 for this event allowing Derek to do what he does best, drive fast! As a result, they ended up with a first place finish. I drank a six pack of beers in celebration!


The Autocross racing is just another great side addition to the events that take place during the Goodguys show. If your ride is registered for the show, you’re welcome to take it around the Autocross track. I didn’t run my ’64, I kinda felt that I needed to install seat belts before I went around crushing cones. If you want more info, check out this article from Goodguys contributor, John Drummond.

The Takeaway GoodGuys Show Events – Fun for the whole family

In closing, we created a short list, in no particular order, that outlines a few of the reasons why we feel the Goodguys event is a must attend.

The best part of the whole shebang? The Saturday night cruise around the track at the speedway!

Check out the video below


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    If you arrived a the back tunnel at 7:20 you were running late, we were in line at 5:30 am Fri. and 5:10 Sat. lol, got to love it. Have to get there early to get our spots we like. DSE had a good crowd this year. Oh entered my grandson’s Radio Flyer wagon this year in the model and pedal cars, won Peoples Choice award with it, that was cool. All in all it was a great weekend. See you at the last KCI on Nov. 12th..

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