Steele Rubber Products 9th Annual Open House

It was a full house for Steel Rubber Products 9th Annual Open House Car Show. We’re not sure just how many turned out, but they had vehicles parked in just about every opening on the property! It wasn’t something you could miss if you were traveling highway 16 on Saturday morning. Our previous attendance at Steele Rubber Products shows and cruise-ins affirmed they would host a great event,  but this year seemed to be one of the best since we’ve been attending. Hanging around this group of automotive enthusiasts was the highlight of our weekend, here’s why:

Steel Rubber Products 9th Annual Open House

About the Host:

Steele Rubber Products is a staple in the hot rod industry. If you’ve ever restored a classic, you know their name and their high quality products. It all started back in the late 1950’s, early 1960’s after Lynne S. Steele found it increasingly difficult to find specialty parts for his 1931 Cadillac. A hard working engineer in the tool and die industry, Mr. Steele took his skill set and passion for classic cars and began making quality restoration parts. God Bless America!

The company is now run by President and CEO, Matt Agosta, and it couldn’t be healthier! Matt began working at Steele in 1975 and has continuously set the bar higher for the brand. This year has been a record setting year for Steele, in March the company announced their arrival in the RV market and in May, Matt Agosta was inducted into the SEMA Hall of Fame alongside industry legends, Gary Hooker and Chip Foose. Yeah, he’s kinda a big deal! Despite his personal and professional accomplishments, Matt is a down to earth guy who is just like the rest of us, car crazy!

The Venue:

As you might have guessed, the setting for the show was on the grounds of Steele Rubber Products, after all, it was an open house! They had cars lined up in every conceivable space on the sprawling campus. The upper lot was full before the actual 9:00am start time of the show with classic rides quickly filling in up the additional 5+ lots. The entire event was well organized and offered a lot of additional focal points such as various tours through the Steele plant as well as some good eats provided by a hard working girl scout troop! Hell, we were even told they had the TV production crew onsite filming for an upcoming episode for Full Custom Garage on MAVTV. Sadly, we never crossed paths with said production crew, therefore, we never had an opportunity to give mom a shout out…So, HI MOM!

At the end of the day, no matter where you parked you were sure to have a great time with some great people. If you missed the show, no worries, they’ll be hosting up more events in 2017, but if you can’t wait, feel free to stop by their showroom at 6180 HWY 150 E Denver, NC 28037.


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