The Cars We Drive Say A Lot About Us – Kannapolis Cruise-In

If the title of this article has any validity, one could safely conclude that the patrons of the Kannapolis Cruise-in are hands down the coolest of the cool. In fact, we’re about 93.6% sure that Dwight D. Eisenhower built the interstate highway system just so this group of kick-ass people could attend car shows and cruise-ins like the monthly Kannapolis Cruise-in. Yes, this collection of car nuts that takes place on the second Saturday of each month on the main drag in Downtown Kannapolis, NC is kind of a big deal! If you’ve been, you know know the feelings of wonderment and inspiration these cars bring, if you’re the latter, what in thee hell are you doing with your life? As added incentive to ‘tickle your fancy’ in hopes of you fulfilling your future day of reckoning, we’ve put together a few reasons why we love this cruise-in so damn much.

Kannapolis Cruise In

1.) Topography

We like events that make sense logistically and that offer a good organic hot roddin’ culture. That being said, K-town is conveniently located just off i85 making it an easy drive from Charlotte, Greensboro and surrounding areas. For those whom prefer the path less traveled, your destination is just as easily reached by avoiding Eisenhower’s brain child and hitting up the miles of open roads with smooth pavement and beautiful country. As for that ‘organic hot roddin’ culture we mentioned, after-all, the surrounding towns and cities make up the heart of NASCAR country, do the math, son.

2.) Show Layout

Personally, I’d rather stay at home to watch Trump and Clinton argue over who the bigger embarrassment to this country is than attend a car show that takes place in a wide open parking lot with fresh blacktop on a 96 degree day. That being said, the setting for the Kannapolis Cruise-in is one of its best attributes. Beautiful classics and modern day muscle are courteously lined-up on the historic downtown streets while huge trees provide plenty of shade and a refreshing breeze. A 10 foot grassy median runs up the center to provide a great vantage point for those armed with folding chairs. A food truck is always on hand serving up good eats and refreshments while a few local businesses stay open in hopes of meeting your acquaintance.

3.) The People

Yes we went there, we put the people before the cars, suck it up, buttercup! You’ll leave this cruise-in wishing the entire world acted like the good folks at the Kannapolis Cruise-in. Everyone is polite and usually very cognizant of not being too touchy with your prized possession. If you wish to strike up a conversation with the owner of something that catches your eye, they’ll actually talk with you. I’ve always found it unpleasant when a spectator shows interest in a car and its owner scoffs, or is short with them for trying to engage. Now, every village has its idiot, and we’re not saying those idiots won’t show up, but we are saying they’re the outliers at this show.

4.) The Rides

We’ve always felt like the K-town cruise-in is like a local, miniature GoodGuys show. Seriously, the cars that turn out for this thing will blow your mind, it’s just silly! Most recurring shows produce the same vehicles, owned by the same people, who sit in the same corner and only chat amongst themselves. Not at K-town baby! Now, don’t get it twisted, you’ll see a lot of returning rides, but each time we go, we see something different than we saw during previous visits. Why listen to my account of these cars when you can see them for yourself:

What we love the most about the K-town cruise-in is the mentality of everyone involved. This is best explained by Kannapolis, NC born and NASCAR great:

“It’s a never ending battle of making your cars better and also trying to be better yourself.”

Dale Earnhardt

Pictures taken by RomanDA PhotographySee More on Their Facebook Page




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