Good fathers raise good sons and car fathers raise car sons.

The story you’re about to read is a fine example of the special bond shared between a father, his son and the love affair for cool ass cars! Perhaps I have a soft spot for the story line as my father owned a rather cool vintage 302 mustang, ’72 vette and a slew of ‘go-fast’ […]

The Art of Perfection: Kasey Harris’s, ’66 c10 – “Buttercup”

It’s no secret that most gear heads, or ‘Motorsport enthusiasts’ for you ‘PC’ types, will know a vehicle inside and out, yet most of the time, we have no clue about the owner or their connection to the vehicle. Well, today my friends, we cross this chasm! For far too long, we’ve appreciated a nice […]

Brian Fluharty and his 1977 c10; Squarebody Madness

You know the old saying that nice guys never win, right? Well, I lived most of my life as an adopter of such rhetoric, but then, as the Craigslist gods would have it, I met Brian Fluharty. Now, I’m willing to bet that if you’re reading this you’re either my mother, or a car nut […]

Mike Fadel and His 1967 Camaro; Bona Fide American

I’ve said it a few hundred times, and I’ll say it again, history is the future. That being said, as long as we have people like Mike Fadel who have a long history of collecting, restoring and selling classics, the future of the nostalgic automobile is safe and sound. Mike is one of those guys […]