A Worthy Investment: Win This LS Swapped 1990 Silverado.

Yeah, that’s right, it’s contest time! Danny Omasta, @danny1hundred on Instagram, has decided to host a little contest that will reward some lucky $100 investor with the keys to a clean, 1990 Chevrolet Sport Silverado. If you’re reading this and asking why should you care, chances are you’re a pretty smart cookie. Now, given your higher intellect, certainly you understand numbers and can spot a wise investment, right? I knew you had it in ya!

Danny is responsible for some seriously cool and high end builds. He built an LS Swapped, twin turbo, 1958 Apache that basically broke the internet. (see below) Now Danny has stuffed a built 6.0 mated to a 4l80e transmission in a ’90 OBS Sport Silverado and will be drawing one lucky name out of 300 contestants during a live Instagram event. Only 300 spots are available and are filling up quickly. I’ve posted the instructions to enter the contest below the video of the 1958 Apache that Danny built.

Entering the Contest:

“With the purchase of a limited-edition twin turbo apache shirt (shown in post) you will automatically be entered in the drawing to own this 1990 sport silverado.”

“PayPal $100 to djomasta@gmail.com As “friends and family” to purchase a shirt and your name will be entered in the raffle to win the truck. PLEASE INCLUDE: name, phone number, email, shirt size, and the address you want the shirt sent to. If you don’t follow these instructions your money will be sent back to you and you will not receive a shirt or a chance to win the truck.”

“Only 300 spots are available! When all 300 spots are filled I will host a drawing live on IG

“I will be hosting a party live on Instagram for the final drawing of the winner which everyone who enters is welcome to attend. Everyone will see LIVE on Instagram all 300 tickets with each participants IG handle written on them up-close before it goes into a bucket. A blindfolded random person will draw 1 ticket out of a clear bucket so everyone knows its legit as possible! We will call that person on the phone if they aren’t present at the party.”

If your not local, don’t worry, I will ship you the truck ON MY DIME, anywhere in the US!
Remember, each shirt purchase is a ticket in the bucket, no limit to how many shirts you can buy!

GOOD LUCK! Someone is getting a badass truck for only $100!!!

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