Brian Fluharty and his 1977 c10; Squarebody Madness

You know the old saying that nice guys never win, right? Well, I lived most of my life as an adopter of such rhetoric, but then, as the Craigslist gods would have it, I met Brian Fluharty. Now, I’m willing to bet that if you’re reading this you’re either my mother, or a car nut like myself. Mom, if this is you, WHERE’S THE MEATLOAF!?!? If you’re the latter, you’ve more than likely lived out a story just like this.

The Meeting:
My wife and I are dog lovers, any dog will do, but we’re smitten for the Boxer breed. So, my lady signs us up for the adoption process with Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue. They call us up and tell us that a representative of the rescue will come out for a home inspection. A very nice woman arrives, chats with us so that she can better understand who we are to determine if we are a good fit for one of their rescued Boxers. (You should visit their site and save one of those little Boxer faces!) As she looks over our home, she peers in the garage and notices a mass of random ass truck parts scattered around. She pauses and says, “are you building something?” Jackpot! I overwhelm her with enthusiastic stories about my ’64 c10 build, where this part came from, what that part does and that’s when I see it coming, the look. Her eyes kind of roll back in their sockets, the complexion flushes from her face as she sighs and says, “oh my god, you and my husband are made for each other.”

Fast-forward several months, I’m on Craigslist looking for automotive gold, as per usual, all of the sudden I see a TH350 posted for sale and the guy selling it only lives a few miles away, #winning! We chat on the phone about the price, condition etc. and he invites me to his home to check out the merchandise. I’m onsite about 10 minutes and then it happens, guess who walks out of the house? That’s right, Emilio Estevez, the Mighty Duck guy! Ha. I joke, it was the Boxer lady, Crystal Fluharty. And she was right, he husband, Brian Fluharty and I would be c10 besties!


The Ride:

Please don’t read this as an egotistical statement, but each time I roll Gladys out to a show, I have at least 10 people remark on how nice of a build she is, with another 5 or so asking if she’s for sale. If Brian is in attendance with his square body, I always thank them for their kind words and say, “My truck is nice, but have you seen the silver squarebody with the Ridetech and Accuair?” “Go check it out, I think you’ll find a new favorite.”  This truck has it all, Jack! From the aftermarket gauges that were designed by Brian and built by Speedhut to the automatically self leveling air ride system by Accuair. It’s only a matter of time before you’ll see this rig showing off her lady lumps in one of the big boy magazines. The only reason it hasn’t been featured it goes back to my original statement. Brian is not just the owner and builder of the nicest truck I’ve had a love affair with, he’s also the nicest person I’ve ever met. Too often car guys and gals get caught up in the reflection they see in their paint job, not Brian Fluharty. He’s a class act and if you ever have the pleasure of meeting him or his 1977 Chevy c10 truck, you’ll agree with every word you’ve read here today.


Spec Card:

Brain Fluharty Spec Card

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