Survival of the fittest: My 1970 Chevelle SS 396

I appreciate all cars! Hell, once I purchased a 4 door AMC Rambler American 440 and was very excited about it. Seriously, I really loved the simplistic styling of the car. I let my pal drive the car home, he blew the head gasket on 485. Oddly enough, he loved the car so much he drove it straight to his house, blown head gasket and all and purchased it from me on the spot. Life is weird! Loving a Rambler many not be easy, but loving a numbers matching, 1970 396 SS Chevelle, well, what’s hard about that?

I had known about this Chevelle for years, but I never had enough disposable income laying around to make it my own. When I decided to sell my 1964 c10, I knew exactly where I’d be spending some of my profits. The car is a true survivor that shows under 60,000 original miles. Before you get too excited, yes, I have documentation proving the mileage is correct! The numbers on the 396 (402) block match the vin thus verifying her pedigree.

The car was built in the 5th week of January out of the Arlington, TX facility. It’s the 396 (402), TH400 auto, AC, power steering, power disc brakes and sports the uber rare AM/FM 8 track radio! I’ve been told that in 1970, you could purchase the LS6 (454) for around the same price as adding the AM/FM 8 track radio, cutting edge tech for its day. It is Green Mist, with a green vinyl top, green interior and I absolutely adore the color combination. It’s funny, historically this combo was never seen as being very cool, but the times have changed my friends! Face it, who hasn’t seen the same old black, red or blue Chevelle?!?! Now I’m not saying this because I own a Green Mist Chevelle. No. I’m saying this because even when this car wasn’t mine, I still thought it to be the coolest color combo I’ve seen on a Chevelle. I mean it’s from 1970, it should be triple green!

The Chevelle was purchased in CA by a school teacher named, Lorraine Sandberg. It still retains all of the factory CA NA9 emissions gear and rare CA 4bbl carburetor. I have a stack of documentation including the original sales documents, protect-0-plate, ownership chain of custody and all service records since new. If you see me out and about, stop by for a chat, or just check out ol’ Lorraine and her bad self. Survivor cars rule!

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