Love Is An Ugly Station Wagon: 1962 Plymouth Valiant

If you know me, you know I have a deep love for a station wagon, add a lot of ugly on that station wagon and I’m ready to ask my wife for forgiveness, again! Listen, I love the ’70 Chevelle SS, ’69 Camaro SS or the blue oval fastback, but come on, who cares? They’re expensive and to be frank, void of personality. Too bold?!? They’ve been built in every color, stance and wheel combo. They are undoubtedly the unicorn for most blue collar collector/driver guys like myself, but why spend that much money for something you’re afraid to drive? Perhaps this is why we’re now seeing the ugly and forgotten step-children of all manufactures become cool in the eyes of weirdos such as myself. Whatever the reason, I dig it and I really dig this ’62 Mopar contraption.

I found this beaut posted on Craigslist for $12,200, located between Greenville, SC and Spartanburg, SC. (Click to see the listing) Despite how you feel about the price, you must admit, this wagon is rad and has all the right body lines. For me, it’s just a height adjustment and wheel swap away from being a fun, affordable driver that will draw just as much ‘eyeball’ as your neighbor’s run-of-the-mill red, black or green SS. We’re not impressed, Doug. P.S., if you’re name is Doug and you have said car, I don’t know you and I’m just sassin’. Please stop throwing eggs at my house!

The owner states the 225 slant six with a 2bbl was rebuilt 2,000 miles ago. The car also sports a front disc brake conversion! The car was originally a Texas car, but any rust that was hanging around was cut out and proper body work completed prior to being painted back to the factory color. You just need to jump in, roll the window down and roll out to soccer practice! I’m game, you?

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