Marrying A Car Guy

The Union and Rise of Gladys

My darlin’ future wife and I recently received the images back from our engagement photo shoot, and yes, such a thing exists. Now, being that this site is a place for vehicle enthusiasts to come for updated information on car shows and cruise-ins in the Carolinas, I won’t be writing about true love’s kiss, but I had to share this story and a few of these pictures with you. Don’t get it twisted, I love my future wife and I’ll spend the rest of my life professing my love for her, but like any hopeless motor-head, I also love my ride and I couldn’t help getting both of my lovers in on this action!

Am I writing this post to showcase my accomplishments? Hell yeah, are you blind? However, I’m also writing it for all the ladies out there in the wild who will one day marry a car guy and wonder, “what in the hell is wrong with this guy.” “Why can he not detach from that damn car/truck/motorcycle for 5 seconds? “I wish he loved me as much as he loves that @&#( vehicle!” Ladies, ladies, chill out. He does love you and you hold a special place in his heart, right next to his mother and of course, his ride! If this bothers you, you best move on because we don’t change, we won’t change! Truth is, when I learned of this engagement shoot the first thing that came to mind was, “Yes, between Victoria and Gladys, we’re going to destroy expectations!” And we did thanks to the crazy talented, Traci Arney Photography.

If you want the best, you need to employ the best, and Traci Arney is the best damn photographer your Benjamins can buy.



Gladys is a 1964 Chevrolet c10, big back window, fleetside with a lowered stance that’s so hot, it was recently investigated as the true cause of global warming. The muted green that Gladys so proudly wears has a vibe that just yells vintage hot rod. The sinister growl by way of her Blueprint Engines 383 stroker is so intimidating, King Leonidas would find his way to one knee.



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