Spring Shows Have Sprung

Stoner’s Speed Shop 1959 Fleetside

As of today, 3/20/19, I’ve cut my grass twice this year and before the week is out, likely another buzz. That can only mean one thing, Spring! And with Spring, the start of cruising weather, cars shows and cruise-ins. My favorite time of year, and I’m sure you agree! I hope you were able to cover more ground that I was with my ’61 Suburban Apache-10 winter build and are now ready to hit the open roads!

Last year we hit a huge snag when Facebook decided they would block the ability to export Facebook events to an external website. This was fallout over the whole Russian involvement in the 2016 election thing. Lucky for me, this is how I designed my website (sarcasm). I add events on our Facebook page and then import them to the website. This allows for event information continuity. Now this has been taken away, I will be manually importing them until I can find a new solution. That being said, if you don’t find an event you’re looking for on our website, make sure you visit our Facebook events page. So, stick with us, we’re making the site better and still posting every damn car event I can get my eyes on!

Upcoming Season Opener Shows

These are just a few of the ‘big’ events I have posted on the Cruise-in Calendar Facebook page. Head over to our page and take a look while I continue to manually add events to the website. I add new events daily, it’s kinda a big list!

Please continue to submit your events on our website, it helps everyone! And one last thing; Happy Birthday, Mom!!

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